Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good memories...

Between November, 2012 and September, 2015 I was part of the team of the Carnegie Supernova Project as observer and research assistant. To make honour to all the good memories of that work, I want to share some time lapses videos made two years ago, with multi exposure pictures and using the simple technique of camera with tripod.

February, 2013: Two time lapse videos of different moments in the same night.  Is interesting, in the video of Du Pont Telescope, how the brightness of the sky is changing due to the moonset. 

May, 2013: A beautiful rising of the Milky Way center behind the Magellan Telescopes and, in the foreground, my "Second home" in that moment: the Swope Telescope. 

October, 2013: A view of Chile Highway 5 (Also known as Route 5, part of Pan-American Highway). Can see the amazing constellation of Scorpius with Venus and the Milky Way center. Thanks to the moonlight the landscape and the movements of vehicles can be appreciated.

I have a lot of pending pictures of 2014 and 2015 to edit and publish in my 500px account. The Astrophotography is one of my hobbies and is fun when I can take pictures during my free time at this beautiful place and with a simple equipment.

In all videos, the music of my very dear friend and fellow Morus is included. If you are interested about his space and instrumental music can visit his Soundcloud site.

See you in my next post :)

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