Monday, July 2, 2018

Night 2... Let the observing begin!

So last night ended up as a total observing bust, but never fear there was still tons of fun to be had! We tried to wait out the high winds, somewhere between 50-60ish mph all night, we got to tweeting up a storm. We also decided to venture out to the catwalk, while the winds were at 60 mph, because when your advisor says,"You should go on the catwalk with the wind! It's fun. And a little scary. The moon will brighten you", you oblige.

And with that I bring you the greatest wind photoshoot.... The live photo really does the first one justice. I felt like if I let go of the railing that I would have literally blown away. Our collaborator said that we should fly a kite and I responded with "I in fact was a human kite."

On the catwalk between Baade and Clay
Post wind hairdo!

Night 2 started out much better with the winds dying down... but then the humidity struck! At one point we had all the weather problems we could have had at the time wind, clouds, and humidity. The text message anger was real on our collaborators end and the gifs he said definitely did it justice. Once the weather got better we could open and then we were on a run. 14 targets down and then dun dun dun the wind came back with a vengeance! And now we wait. Hoping for the wind to go away but you never know with the winter weather. Hopefully Victoria's post will have a happy ending for us and hopefully all of the fabulous additional targets!