Friday, June 26, 2015

For Visual Learners

Tonight I bring you pictures and movies.

'Scopes from afar. Credit: Matías Díaz

'Scopes from afar. Credit: me
Baade (foreground) and Clay (background) Telescopes. Credit: Matías Díaz

Clay, ready to go! Credit: Matías Díaz


PFS Team for June/July 2015 Run. (L-R) Jeff Crane, Paul Butler, me, Matías Díaz. Credit: Hugo Rivera (TO)
Finding planets and watching the U.S.A. Women's team win their World Cup Match against China
(this photo was taken moments before the single goal of the game was scored by the U.S.A.)

Here is a beautiful video by another Las Campanas Belle, Anna Frebel (who tweets at @annafrebel), that shows how the sky changes across a night of observing here in the Southern Hemisphere.

And here is what a pretty good night looks like to an optical spectroscopist:
See the number next to "fw" right above the graphs? That's a measure of the seeing in the sky where we are observing.
Lower = better, and <0.5 is very good. It means the starlight is not "twinkling" very much, and is instead making its way
more directly into the telescope and onto our detector. Yay!

Oh, and as promised, here was the food-art from last night's dinner. I did not partake (it was obviously not vegan), but I certainly appreciated the mastery. Thanks, Chef Hector!

Beautiful salmon, veggie, and rice-filled pastry from the amazing Chef Hector at
Las Campanas Observatory. Those are individually-cut leaves, with veins and stems
drawn in! Credit: Jeff Crane

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